Division challenged!

Service in Guiding, Element 3 of the Queen’s Guide Award requires you to ‘take an active part in the planning of an event that involves the participation of at least two units’.

For my Element 3, I joined the team preparing the Division Challenge. With the Paddington movie such a recent blockbuster, we themed the challenges for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides around the adventures of the bear with the duffle coat and a love of marmalade sandwiches! Guides got to grips with a selfie-challenge and a walk from our Division HQ, (which became deepest, darkest Peru for the day) to the train station. Okay, so it’s not quite Paddington station, but I think they got the idea. Brownies and Rainbows enjoyed making an adorable Paddington bear (thanks RedTedArt for the craft instructions), excitably pinned the label on a Paddington bear and also enjoyed a dress-up relay race to see how quickly they could turn a member of their team into the much-loved bear. Guides enjoyed llama racing, where each team personalised a llama atop an aerodynamic base attached to string,  and then raced them from one end of the hall to another by winding up the string. I have never heard so much screaming directed at a piece of cardboard!

The highlight of completing this section for me was being asked to design the badge. I’m growing my skills with Photoshop, but having seen the faces of all the participants and leaders when they saw the badge, it was definitely worth the fiddly bits to get right! I think it’s fair to say we might think twice about having all of the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides involved on the same day, but judging by the smiles on the faces of everyone involved it was definitely worth all the late-night meetings and extra effort.

Our Division Challenge badge
Our Division Challenge badge

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