Natalie does Queen’s Guide Award

The Queen's Guide Award pin
The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award you can work to in Guiding.
(Image credit: Girlguiding UK, website)


Welcome to my first blog post!

So, you may be wondering what on earth is this Queen’s Guide Award Natalie has signed herself up for? She must be Guiding crazy! Well, the simple answer is that yes, I am, but there’s more to tell than that. The Queen’s Guide Award is not just an achievement to share with other members of Girlguiding, which is why I’m blogging about my experience, so that you can see my progress throughout the two-and-a-bit years it will take me to complete the award.

The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award you can work towards in Guiding. It’s not only prestigious, but it epitomises the very essence of Guiding and all that the organisation hopes to achieve, with and for young women. Founded in 1910, the Girlguiding movement, unlike Scouts, has remained an exclusively female organisation. For girls, it is so important to have time away from boys in a place that encourages them to reach their full potential and where anything is possible. The structure of the award reflects the key elements that make Girlguiding such a great organisation in helping girls to develop and gain the skills they need to become confident and make a difference in the world. It’s split into five sections, which each encourage you to take an active role in the key elements which make Guiding so special. There’s a Service in Guiding section, and Outdoor Challenge, a Personal Skill, a Community Action and a Residential Experience section. More on these as I complete them!

So, if you are new to Guiding, why not follow my progress and learn a little about us. If you know and love us, feel free to share this blog post far and wide 🙂

If you want to know more, the Girlguiding website is a great place to start. For more information specifically on the award (as if you couldn’t wait for my next post), visit the Queen’s Guide Award page. My next post will be about completing my residential experience clause at Blackwell Court and an introduction to the Senior Section, the part of Guiding open to 14-25 year olds.


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